“Answer to your transshipment needs”

Homogenously Blended

Desired Coal Product

We envisage to deliver homogeneously blended coal, representative of what a Supplier may have offered to provide to an end user, with a greater control on the end quality. With three separate storage bins, capable of accommodating more than 50,000 MT, we are able to offer a number of blending options to achieve the desired end product. Added to this our high load rate (above 30,000 MT per day) and integrated deterrents built in to our loading system is also our strongest suite, for our clients.

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Modern Assets

Well-Integrated and Efficient

Collaboration of heavy equipment and well-integrated support machinery, suitably modified for the operating environment, uniformly and systematically designed and laid out for ease of operation, along with appropriate Safety and Operating protocols and procedures is how we position ourselves with our modern assets. Our Floating loaders and Storage platform are equipped with a variety of additional equipment, to meet and go beyond our client needs and expectations.

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Technologically improved

Developing the best technology

We offer relatively young, well designed and appointed equipment, with the most robust and reliable technology and our goal is to grow to be a leader for technological advances in area of logistics for offshore transshipment. Some of our add on features are Belt scales, Auto/mechanical sampler, metal detector and metal separator in order to deliver a clean product.

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Quality Controlled

Deliver a quality product

We define quality control as a process by which entities combine inherent expertise and understanding of the entire operation coupled with advanced technology to maintain the quality of the end product. Our motto is to combine reliable technology with well managed processes, derived from a team of highly motivated and competent personnel with the requisite knowledge, skill, and experience.

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Our Services

Floating Storage Terminal & Transhipper

Designed with three separate storage bins capable of storing more than 50,000 MT and technologically advanced double line conveyor system, capable of loading using 2 spouts simultaneously at a very high speed. We are able to perform homogenous blending without compromising our high loading rate.

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Off shore Floating Facilities (Transhippers)

PNTS has 3 floating Transhippers that uses long arm travelling, high bucket capacity Excavators coupled to a conveyor belt system, which is then able to unload bulk material from the barge to mother vessel with a sustained high loading rate.

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Tug and Barge

PNTS offers barging services for Domestic, Longhaul as well as Transshipment destinations. 20 sets of 270 feet and 300 feet barge coupled to suitable Tugs of the appropriate power are available to the discerning Customer to meet his requirements. PNTS also operates about 20 to 30 sets on a Voyage as well as Time Charter basis to meet its customers requirements.

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We also provide grabs with 20 t crane lifting capacity with 4-8 m3 grab volume as a solution for the loading of geared Ocean going vessels.

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Recent News

Coaltrans Asia

Coaltrans, is a reputable conference in coal industry, which offers a dynamic platform for stakeholders, market leaders, and even industry experts to exclusively meet and discuss most pressing issues in this specific sector. Coal is playing an increasingly pivotal role since it is predicted will surpass oil as fuel source in the near future. Therefore, to cater the demand for top level networking in this emerging coal industry, a highly focused discussion is considered indispensable.

Bali Golf 2014

In today’s fast paced world of business, cultivating stronger relationship and acquiring new potential markets are instrumental to the success of the company. Given golf’s continued growth, it eventually becomes a vehicle to serve and prospect valuable customers. Hold on this notion, PNTS (PT. Pelayaran Nasional Tanjungriau Servis) & SNB (PT. Sakti Nusantara Bakti) initiated a Golf Event which had been held on 1st of June 2014 in Bali, Indonesia.

Introducing PNTS